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    Galaxie by Elgin

    Over the holidays I rummaged a thrift store, and picked up a few vintages including Gruen Presicion, 1960 Certina Water-King, Waltham 906, Seiko 5ACTUS and this Galaxie. The seller gave it to me as a lot sight unseen and gave me bulk pricing and did not check to see if they worked so when I got home I inspected the watches which all worked to my delight and realized that this timepiece was never used and possibly came from department store overstock/ It had a protective sticker on back with 400 written on it. I popped the back of and it has high polish jewel movement with elgin watch co.It looks mint. The case metal looks like some kind of alloy not SS. It looked pristine It had original spidel that I swapped out for a leather strap. It keeps great time and I'm really happy with the look. I'm tickled to know I I'm the first one wearing it. Now the question, can someone help me date this model and provide any additional info. l I'm just starting to venture into vintage and have a lot to learn. I just discovered you don't have to spend lots of money to get an enjoyment in wearing a timepiece.

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    Re: Galaxie by Egin

    This is what I generally refer to as a 'Post-Elgin Elgin'. In 1964, Elgin stopped making watch movements, closed down their Elgin IL factory and moved operations to South Carolina, where they simply cased imported movements and labled them 'Elgin' for about 5 years before completely collapsing. The Elgin name, one of the oldest in American watchmaking, was sold and every Elgin made since then is just a name.

    That said, finding a New Old Stock watch from (at a guess) the 1970s is very exciting! I'd get it serviced before wearing it much. The oils will have dried out in 40 years and will work as abrasives, rather than lubricants!
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