Garage sale vintage Dorset diver -Help with details
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Thread: Garage sale vintage Dorset diver -Help with details

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    Garage sale vintage Dorset diver -Help with details

    I bought the watch featured in the photo from a garage sale in the 1990s. Anyone know much about Dorsets? Is this one from the 80s or 70s? Is there a market for Dorset divers from this era? I may put it on ebay.

    Here is some more info. I think it's a manual winder and it's tested to 5 ATM. Swiss made. Water and shock resistant.

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    Re: Garage sale vintage Dorset diver -Help with details

    Looks like one of the more extravagant 1970's cheapoes - 7 Jewels sound like a pin-lever movement and the 5 atm meant you didn't have to put it aside when washing hands.

    A market? Sure. Look similar watches up on Ebay.

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