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    Gedeon Thommen Pocket Watch 10 rubis

    I am looking for information on a pocket watch that I am told was my grandfathers. It has a makers mark of G.T. on both the case and the inner working gears.What little research I have done has brought me to Gedeon Thommen Swiss Made Watch. Roman Numeral face, Silver carved outer case and I believe brass workings. The key is still attached, and while it can be wound, it will not hold a "charge" for very long. 10 rubis is engraved on the inner cover. Any ideas, or a general direction in which I should look, would be greatly appreciated. There is also a series of numbers engraved, but nothing came up when I searched them.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Re: Gedeon Thommen Pocket Watch 10 rubis

    Hi Kari,

    here are some remarks, why numbers usually don't help further:
    Ranfft Watches, Infos

    But wih photos of the watch and its movement, age and quality could be determined aproximately.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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