Getting harder to find watches in the wild
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Thread: Getting harder to find watches in the wild

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    Getting harder to find watches in the wild

    Had some time off work, and with the kids in school and the wife out with friends, it was a wonderful day to go out and dig up some watches. Pickins were pretty slim! An estate auction had one Timex Quartz. Various antique malls yielded a couple of pocket watches at very dear prices, but no men's wristwatches to speak of other than a 2008 Harley Davidson watch. Content with a couple of fishing reels I found, I had given up hope of anything watch related until I turned when passing a hand written sale sign and went into the barn behind a house just a couple of miles from mine. The gentleman in his barn had quite a few collectibles, but I saw no watches. I asked him if he happened to have any, and he said that he had put them away because nobody seemed interested. He pulled out a wooden display box, and there amongst the others was something I thought I would never bother buying, a mass produced dollar pocket watch, but this one was a little different than the Bulls Eyes and Scottys I've had before. I love the art deco dial and subsecond wheel. It runs a little when laying at the right angle, but really needs cleaned.

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    Re: Getting harder to find watches in the wild

    very different, havent seen anything like this before is that the seconds at the bottom? glad its not just me finding it harder to find watches in the wild

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    Re: Getting harder to find watches in the wild

    I have run into the same thing. Not a lot of quality vintage watches to be found at my local antique stores, thrift stores, or estate sales either. And if I do find a decent brand, it's either in horrible condition or it's priced many times over it's value (or both).

    Cool second had though, nice find.

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    Re: Getting harder to find watches in the wild

    Art deco coolness!
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    Re: Getting harder to find watches in the wild

    You found a lovely pocket watch. I agree - it can be slim pickins these days, as the interest in mechanicals has increased, and so with it, sellers' fantasy purchase prices. One exception to this pattern has been with women's watches. My wife has had better luck at estate sales - and likewise there are still a few good lady's mechanicals on the 'Bay. I think male nerdicity has accumulated 95% of the good men's vintage watches.
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