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    GGK Maker

    I have a silver cased watch circa 1900, two tone dial with very decorative hands, stem wound and pin set. On the back there is a crown coat of arms with a bear in the centre. I believe it to be German with GGK as the maker. Can anybody please give me some information on the maker? Many thanks


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    Re: GGK Maker

    I propose posting in the Vintage and Pocket Watches forum, and you will need to include pictures of the watch and movement. This is needed for the experts there to give input on identification.


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    Re: GGK Maker

    Hi -

    First of all, welcome to WUS and to the vintage and pocket watch forum! We hope we can help you here. Please do take a minute to read the sticky message at the top of the forum to learn some basics about vintage watches, especially valuation (we don't do that here) and what you need to know, basically, about vintage watches...

    Without pictures there is virtually no way to identify the watch. Dial, back, innards will do just fine, the sharper and larger the better to help you...

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