Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

Thread: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

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    Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    Hi. This is my first post, so be kind. Actually I just got into Russian watches but would like some comment on a GP watch I have had for 35 years. It belonged to my dad who bought it new in 1965. I inherited it in 1976 and the condition is exactly the same as when I got it 35 years ago. Please don’t ask about the wear on the back casing. Dad’s sweat does damage to lots of metals.
    Would like some comment on this watch. What are its specs? Is it worth anything? I notice a lot of the Poljot slimline 2612s and other watches of the day have exactly the same look. Who copied whom?
    I don’t intend to sell but am just interested to see what other think.
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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    Value - sentimental

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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    We don't give valuations here because in most situations you can't assess condition over the Internet and condition determines value.
    I doubt this watch would be of interest to many collectors in its current state but because it's a family heirloom you might want to look into restoration. It'll cost far more than the watch would bring at auction. It looks like a very typical 1960s watch.

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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info


    In the past girad perregaux used a lot of AS handwoudn and automatic movements. AS movements are rugged and trouble free.
    Have it serviced and cleaned and you will have a nice dress watch.

    best regards

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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    Holy kamoly how often did your dad have to change straps? With sweat like that I'd think you'd be buying a whole new wardrobe every couple of years.

    I agree with the rest on what to do with it though - cleaned and serviced and voila, sweet-looking vintage dress watch with a bit of family history behind it. Post pics when you get it back.
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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    Post it up in the Vintage Forum. A lot of people over there will have things to say on this watch. It's a nice vintage and GP is a very respected maker. I believe that the copier must be Poljot...

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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    Thread moved to the more suitable forum.

    Nice GP btw.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info

    I have a GP bumper automatic which is a couple of decades older than yours. One of my favorite watches in my collection. Excellent timekeeper and a nice feel on the wrist. I hope you enjoy it once it is serviced.

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