Girard Perregaux pocket watch (big images)

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    Girard Perregaux pocket watch (big images)

    Hi there, I was going through a box of my grandfather's things last night and found this pretty sad pocket watch, but it's a company I'd never heard of and it's pretty old. The company is old though too.

    We aren't sure when he received this, he served in WWI and later in a ordnance plant, and then later on the Nickle Plate railroad which came right past our house in Central Illinois.
    of the watch, front and back - there is a marking that looks like "TELL or HELL" on the back of it - but it's a bit rusty so not even my young son can read it.
    So, anyway, here's photos.

    Thanks for looking and giving ideas. We do have the crystal and the hand that is missing here. It fell off when it was moved out of the box. Thank goodness the crystal was on it. It's a glass crystal.
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    Re: Girard Perregaux pocket watch (big images)

    Thanks for posting. Personally I haven't seen one like this before. Looks like an ebauche maker's stamp under the balance, but I don't recognize it. French maybe?
    It's in very bad shape and wasn't that high quality a watch to start with. I'm thinking it might be from the 1940s.

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    Re: Girard Perregaux pocket watch (big images)

    That is a Shell Oil watch that was produced by Girard-Perreguax.
    It was given out by Shell as a marketing thing in the 40s, I believe.

    I have on that does not run but is in good condition.
    These pix are borrowed from the internet and are not mine.

    I believe they were
    supposedly filled with Shell Oil. You can make out the Shell text on the movement.

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    Re: Girard Perregaux pocket watch (big images)

    Thank you very much! Indeed, during the 40's he ran a Shell Oil station in our little town. He ran it for over 20 years I believe. :D

    This was so much fun to research and to find out what was up with it. I knew it wasn't a very expensive watch, as it was marked base metal - and that it was in horrible shape.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort on this. I didn't even know what to start looking for until this.

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    Re: Girard Perregaux pocket watch (big images)

    Congratulations about finding out about your grandfather's watch. Unfortunately it's not in the best condition and sending it to a watchmaker would be frightfully expensive, so don't have a mind for having it serviced unless you have a lot of money hiding away somewhere.
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