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    Gladstone Watch Co.

    Does anyone have any information on Gladstone Watch Co, 17 jewels, marking ‘Made in Switzerland’ at 6 o'clock?

    A sign of the times, time remains the same just the size changes. Here’s my father's Gladstone with my Breitling Bentley 6.75.

    Any information will be appreciated.

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    Re: Gladstone Watch Co.

    I'd say it's early 1950s. It has shock protection. Gladstone is probably a generic Swiss brand or maybe a jeweler's private label.

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    Re: Gladstone Watch Co.

    The movement looks like an ETA 900 or something in that series: which case, you may find an ETA stamp under the balance wheel. However, at that time (late forties, early fifties), they sometimes had the maker's mark under the dial.

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