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    Glashutte Original Senator Automatic questions...

    I've been collecting watches for the past 10 years, only keeping one at a time. While I have owned many German watches, I've never ventured into to price league of a GO (highest end watches I've had were Breitling, Omega and some less expensive IWCs). I may have the chance to grab a Senator Automatic at a good price. My questions:

    --Is the cal. 39 movement in this watch really made in-house?
    --Is the price of GO watches reflected in the quality, fit/finish/detailing?
    --There are many brands producing watches in the style of the Senator Automatic (Stowa, Dornbleuth-Son, Tourby, etc..), can I expect this watch to exceed those priced below it, such as those brands mentioned?

    Having never handled a GO, I have no reference to base my buying decision on, so can anyone who has handled a GO please provide me with some input. Thank you.

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    Re: Glashutte Original Senator Automatic questions...

    I haven't had (or even handled!) a Glashütte Original watch so I can offer limited advice. The movement is certainly truly in-house: before German reunification, Glashütte (as GUB) had a long tradition making their own movements so it was not as difficult as it might have been for others coming up with high class movements after 1990. As for the rest of the questions, I'll leave those to someone with first hand experience.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Glashutte Original Senator Automatic questions...

    Glashutte Original Senator Automatic 39-59-01-02-04
    Brand Glashutte Original
    Series Senator Edition
    Reference Number 39-59-01-02-04
    Retail Price$7,000.00
    Your Cost $5,600.00

    I found them new, at this price, at more than one site.
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