Was this a good buy?

Thread: Was this a good buy?

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    Was this a good buy?

    Recently purchased this pocket watch (J.W. Benson) from an auction for $250. Not sure what the value is? The watch is 18K gold and is in perfect working order. The serial number is 0031 which is quite early, does this increase the value?
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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Welcome to Watchuseek! I am afraid that I am not an expert on British pocket watches. However, I suspect that just for the gold, 250 (US?!)$ sounds like a decent price for a half-hunter PW.....

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Looks good to me, and a good price too if it's 18k gold and in perfect working order. Though I'd say it was made early 1900s going by the reference to the late Queen being I would assume Queen Victoria who died in 1901.

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    If we assume, that the watch was made after 1901, and if we take into account that J.W. Benson was registered in 1884 (according to Mikrolisk), then the "early J.W. Benson" theory makes no sense at all- through 17 years of existence they would have made much more than 31 watches! Besides, it's not 0031, but 4031...
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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Being from the Uk I've seen my fair share of Benson pocket watches and this is without a doubt an incredible buy for $250 (£165 at time of writing), especially in the condition it's in, and this is aside from the fact that it's a fairly early example to boot. Incredible bargain.

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    It's hallmarked for London 1911, 18k.
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