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Thread: Got myself a pair of vintage watches - but is it real???

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    Re: Got myself a pair of vintage watches - but is it real???

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    19 mm not that much uncommon, you might want to consider the curve end straps which will make it look dressier than it is designed for. as for the deep scratches on crystal, just switch to a new crystal a lot available in bay, brown would match the golden case ,dark burgundy would be nice also. Sometimes 19mm lugs can accommodate also 20 mm straps depends on the make of the strap.

    Stock photo from seller: Hirsch Medici Nappa Leather Curved Ended Watch Strap in Various Colours | eBay
    buckle can we switched to gold plated
    I ordered a few 20mm from HIRSCH 1 week ago and waiting for the shipment to arrival. Then I'll try to fit the 20mm into it.. meanwhile, anyone can tell me how to change the crystal of the watch? I read from somewhere that the crystal is actually screwed in from the back, meaning i need to remove the caseback and movement with the dial before i can replace the crystal. AND I have a problem, it seems like even watch repair shops are not able to help me remove the caseback with their tools because the caseback is too tight. Anyone can advise what i should do? If i can replace the crystal, the watch would be alot nicer :)

    I cant find any polerouter crystal on ebay, anyone knows where can i get it? I dont think watch repair shops will have any, right?
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