Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info
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Thread: Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info

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    Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info

    Hi everyone - new member to the site, but longtime lurker. Recently, we went through my grandfather's old stuff and we came across this watch. It's a Hamilton Masterpiece, and a packing slip indicates he got it through Magnavox (he used to be in the appliance business so that might be where he got it). Was wondering if anyone could tell me anything more about this particular model. I haven't been able to find another one online with diamonds instead of numbers. Hoping y'all can shed some light on this mystery for me and my mom.

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    Re: Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info


    Below is a thread that discusses the very same watch as yours including age and the movement that runs your watch. Like you I am unable to fine another with diamonds around the dial. This watch may have been commissioned by his company and the diamonds added by a jeweller, but this is only a guess. Maybe someone else knows more.


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    Re: Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info

    Sure is clean!
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    Re: Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info

    The watch is a "Bradford." This was available from the factory with a diamond dial as an added cost option.

    Yours is very late -- post-1969 as evidenced by the "Swiss" marking on the dial. It was made after Hamilton shut down US production in January of that year.

    "Masterpiece" is a designation that was used on watches sold through the "Presentation Sales" division for awards for corporations, schools, fraternal groups, or anyone else who wanted to buy a quantity of special watches. There were many different styles of watches sold under the "Masterpiece" designation, many of which were not cataloged for normal retail sale. Yours is such a special-order piece: the commercially-produced Bradford was only sold at retail from 1954 to 1962. Hamilton recycled the old design for later watches sold through the Presentation Sales division.
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