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    A great loss...

    As the sticky mentions, Mike Stuffler was robbed (in London) yesterday. The robbers were surprised in the act and used deadly force to make their escape. Any further details would have to be released by Mike, one of our Moderators, who is right now filling out reams of paperwork.

    I titled this thread a great loss. Look at the list below and you will see why. Mike had a wonderful collection...

    Looking at just the vintage, many can be had only after diligent search and the willingness to bear an acquisition cost of many many thousands. These are watches you have to buy out of somebody's collection. They are not your eBay watches. And, since Mike is centered on German watches, many of those are also not eBay watches. I fear even with full replacement insurance money, many will be irreplaceable.

    Read it and weep... I did.

    Here's the list of watches stolen

    1. 1956 Rolex Precision, cal. 1000
    2. Fulgor Alarm Watch, cal. AS 5008, gold plated, only 50 watches have been made
    3. 1972 Gigandet, gold plated chronograph, cal. Valjoux 7733,
    4. 1990 Chronoswiss, gold plated chronograph with moon indication and pointer date, reference CH77951 SW, cal. Valjoux 7750,
    5. 1990 Breitling Colt, Ref. A17035-0413 No. 28601, cal. ETA 2824-2,
    6. 1972 Breitling SeaShark, ETA 2824-2, on stainless steel bracelet, collector’s item
    7. 1939 Longinges, 18k, rectangular case, engraving on the back “Macalay Club 5” and “W.M.Scott, in absolutely stunning condition, rare
    8. 2003 Rolex Submariner Date, reference 16610, No. Y 907354 (Box and certificate still with me)
    9. 2002 Orient, Orienstar, GMT, Limited Edition, was only available on the Japanese market
    10. 2005 Damasko DC 56, chronograph, serial number DC 56.0012, Valjoux 7750
    11. 2007 Damasko DA 36, ETA 2836-2
    12. 2010 Damasko DA 46, DA 46.0019, ETA 2836-2
    13. 2001 Glashütte Original Flieger Chronograph, reference 39-31-07-07-04, cal. GUB 39-31,
    14. 2004 Stowa Antea Limited Edtion 17/500, cal. ETA 2640,
    15. 1990 Ladies Rado La Coupole No. 33773664, reference QD 9014 129.4077.4.015, Quartz,
    16. Glashütte Original, ref. 10-31-01-0104, cal. GUB 10-30, 800 pieces have been produced
    17. 2009 Ruhla Kampfschwimmer, Limited Edition of 999 pieces
    18. 2009 Vickers Watch Company London Marine
    19. 1964 Gallet Chronograph, cal. Landeron 149
    20. 1968 Nivada Chronograph, “Aviator”, cal. Valjoux 23
    21. 1970 Record by Longines, cal. ??
    22. 2000 Jean Marcel chronograph, cal. Valjoux 7750
    23. 2009 Laco Chronograph, Limited Edition No. 44/44, cal. Valjoux 7750, modified to bi-compax layout
    24. 2010 Stowa Chronograph 1938, ca. Valjoux 7750 modified to bi-compax,
    25. 2010 Jörg Schauer Chronograph Kulisse 10, Valjoux 7753
    26. 1975 Certina 18k gold watch, inherited from my father. engraving on the back: “Zum 25. Hochzeitstag”
    27. 2010 Laco Pilot watch, 42mm, ETA 2824-2
    28. 2008 Archimede Pilot Chronograph, reference UA 7939-C1.2, cal. Valjoux 7750
    29. 2008 Archimede Pilot Original, Junghans cal. 687, rare and limited
    30. 2008 Stowa Marine Date, cal. ETA 2824-2,
    31. 2010 Stowa Marine, cal. ETA 2801, limited edition, No. 11, engraving on the back
    32. 2006 Stowa Flieger, special edition (10 pieces worldwide), ETA 2801,
    33. Seiko Spirit, reference SCV 003,
    34. 2006 Stowa Seatime, Limited Edition, No. 73/75, very rare and sought for
    35. 2005 Nomos Tangente, ca. Peseux 7001,
    36. 1960 Stowa Diver’s watch
    37. 2003 custom made Bethge watch, “Stuffler” printed on the dial
    38. 2003 Zeno Pilot, reference 500A/SV, cal. ETA 2824-2,
    39. Union chronograph, very rare and sought for, cal. GUB 26,
    40. 2009 Archimede Pilot XLH 45mm, cal. Unitas 6498,
    41. 1960 Bulova gold plated, cal. 11ALL,
    42. 1968 Certina Town & Country square watch, cal. AS,
    43. 1960 Favre-Leuba, California Dial,
    44. 2000 ladies and mens Fortis Flieger, both equipped with ETA 2824-2
    45. 1960 Favre-45Leuba, California Dial,
    46. 2000 ladies and mens Fortis Flieger, both equipped with ETA 2824-2,
    47. 1960 Wakmann
    48. 1960 Cordella
    49. 1960 Arctos Diver’s watch, ca. PUW 1561,
    50. 1930-1940 Hanhart Stopwatch,
    51. 1972 Junghand Olympic,
    52. 1975 Pallas, cal. PUW 1561,
    53. 1970 Stowa Seatime, green dial, very rare
    54. 1968 Stowa Chronograph, gold plated, cal. Landeron 248
    55. 2009 Two Seagull chronographs, cal. Seagull ST 19
    56. 1980 Sector sport chronograph, SGE 300, gold plated on stainless steel,
    57. 2005 two Seiko – Black Monster, Orange Monster, SKX 779, SKX 780,
    58. 1960 Swiss Emperor Wrist Alarm Watch,
    59. 1940 Wyler Incaflex, very rare, retcangular case,
    60. 1968 Valgine chronograph, cal. Valjoux 7733, rare with aubergine dial
    61. 1960 GUB, cal. 60.1, perfectly restored
    62. 1960 Lucerne Wirst Watch Alarm, cal. AS 1627
    63. 1970 Stowa Ladies wrist watch
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    Re: A great loss...

    dont know who mike stuffler but hope he and his wife can recover from this, not from just the attack and robbery but also the loss of a fine collection. like you mention even with the full insurance it doesnt pay out for all the hard work over the years of searching and collecting these fine watches

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    Re: A great loss...

    That is horrible to hear!

    I could only make it to 10 on the list.... Before I had to stop reading!

    As Joe says... I hope mike and his family can recovery from this
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    Re: A great loss...

    This is really, really bad. I have seen many of these through the years, posted by Mike on the German forum. It makes me sad.
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    Re: A great loss...

    I fell so sorry for Mike and his family. Hope they recover from this. Also hope they catch the bum so Mike recovers his collection.

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    Re: A great loss...

    That's really bad news and must have been traumatic for Mike and his family.
    It's a crying shame when a collection is stolen, hopefully they'll catch the toerags
    quickly and recover his watches.
    It makes me angry and sad at the same time.

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    Re: A great loss...

    Sorry to hear about the loss of so many great watches, but at least I feel reassured to know that he is physically fine.
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    Re: A great loss...

    Sorry to see this. Hope the police can arrest the thief and that you can get them back.


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    Re: A great loss...

    A very painful read. I hope Mike and his wife the best in there recovery from this awful violation. I hope that the uniquness of this collection is the ultimate downfall of the thief.

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    Re: A great loss...

    That's a shame, an irreplaceable loss, The police needs to do a search on the markets who sell stolen stuffs, maybe he can recover a few....

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