Gruen PanAmerican question
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Thread: Gruen PanAmerican question

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    Gruen PanAmerican question

    This one was advertised as "all original" but has a black second hand. My research says that a red second hand is a hallmark of the PanAmerican; but a google image search shows a number out there with black or gold second hands. Anyone know what would be the original look for this model? Any insights appreciated! The watch is mine in any case, the price was right, but still time for a revision.
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    Re: Gruen PanAmerican question

    I remember them as being red too... but, over time, red central seconds often are replaced by folks who aren't as observant as you!
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    Re: Gruen PanAmerican question

    I'm a bit late to this thread, but I'm not aware of a Pan Am model that came in that style case. The type of second hand is the least of your concerns for originality imho.
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