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    Question Gruen Precision 17 jewels

    Hi everybody!!!!

    i am new on this forum, i recently got a Gruen Precision 17 jewels and would like to know more about it since i cannot find any picture on the internet.

    it has got the alarm clock and inside there is written Ra swiss Ra, there should be radium inside for the fluorescence, is it dangerous?

    so i 'd like to know more about it...

    is it from the mid 60?
    is it worth anything or is just very cheap? i am asking because it should be a present for a man and i don't don't know if i shall look for something else or this is good.

    i just acknowledged today that it is not working properly (so i shall also have it repaired, is it worth?) because it is "slower" than the time... apologies don't have the word :p

    if anybody can give me more info on this watch i would really appreciate it!!!

    thanks for your help
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    Re: Gruen Precision 17 jewels

    Well I think it is very cool. We can't mention values here. Yes mid 60s. It was a mid range good quality watch - with an AS alarm movement. Well worth a service and putting on your friend's wrist.

    Ra does indicate radium, tell him to avoid licking the watch dial regularly and everything will be fine.

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