I bought this Gruen with inner and outer boxes and papers on a best offer basis off Ebay. It was advertised as NOS. I love it to pieces for its clean elegance, and I would certainly like to think it is NOS. The dial and casebook look to my less-than-trained eye as pristine, even under a optic visor.

Regardless, I'd like to get a better idea of its date and provenance, which I understand can be difficult with Gruen because of lack of records. The movement is N510, of which Ranfft gives an example from 1965 but doesn't give a date range for the movement. A little internet research shows that Gruen went on the rocks in the 1950's because of various mismanagement, and divested the watch division in 1958, which moved to New York.

The inner case back shows that the case was imported from Hong Kong--something I assume Gruen wouldn't have done in its heyday? Also, I can't find anything to show what the numbers 229A mean. The 229A doesn't appear to be a Gruen style number, from a database I found.

So, does late 50's into 1960's out of the New York company make sense as a date range? Does anyone else have better or more information?

Thanks as always.