Gruen Precision/ N 710 ss Automatic.
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Thread: Gruen Precision/ N 710 ss Automatic.

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    Gruen Precision/ N 710 ss Automatic. getting older can be a real pain,but at least once a year the "ebay money" fairy
    pays a visit and off we go for a browse.I set out to get a new strap and got a Gruen instead.
    I have seen a few Gruen`s in the fora and they always looked kinda classy and refined at the same
    time.I have heard many a story too about there pocket watches and thier movements are termed
    Quality with a dotted "i" crossed "t"and capital "Q".But unfortunately there are people out there that either
    don`t appreciate good craftmanship or treat material objects with disdain,watches included.
    As with the watch i just bought which has been a victim of both.

    It`s a Gruen precision from about 1960 ish.The gold plated case is fairly slim for an auto,
    and weighs next to nothing on the wrist.The dial reads Gruen precision at top,auto wind at
    bottom,and ra swiss ra at very bottom.(I`m explaining the details because my photo`s are horrible)

    The crystal it had on it when i got it was loose and had a crack near the edge.But i dont know
    whether it was original and just missing the expansion ring or whether it was originally
    fitted with a seal.I found a tight fitting replacement and clawed it into place,it looks ok.

    The dial is beat up with small scratches,loss of gloss in places and a wave of distortion
    around the edge where someone has tried to lever it up without loosing the dial foot screws
    first.There must be a special key for this purpose and since i dont own one i had to make
    my own distortions to get to the dial foot screws and when the service was finished i then
    had to correct the damage i had made,not too hard on a soft aluminium dial but definitely
    the wrong way to go about it.

    When i first recieived the watch it was just as the seller stated,not running,sold as spares
    or repair,these words don`t scare me as much as they used to.
    The seller`s photo`s told another story though,not one screw head looked to have ever seen
    the end of a screw driver(pristine),so i figured as long as the pallet stones and impulse jewel
    were still there (unlikely to have a broken mainspring)then it probably just needed a good clean.

    Eager to get started i forgot my parts tray was in use by another project and had to finish that first.
    A week later i put the final touch ups to the other project and satisfied with the result
    reclaimed my tray to start on the Gruen diagnosis.

    Name:  blue lake.jpg
Views: 124
Size:  115.1 KB winds,it sets,the rotor spins and with gentle influence from the end of a toothpick
    to the wheel hiding under the runs..but only for about ten seconds.Good it`s all
    there.It is a N 710 ss automatic that manual winds as well.

    Name:  movement-N710 ss.jpg
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    The tear down and inspect found no faults and the individual components are all quality made.The cleaning
    and reassembly went ok,and now it runs fine.The rotor has excessive play i think,so i flared out the legs
    of the movement holder ring and added an o`ring to the case back,the rotor spins without touching the case
    back now.
    Name:  case back inner.jpg
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    I like wearing it even though the strap was something i pinched off a Hong Kong made Bulova quartz ,
    its a good color and will look for a better one in the same shade,trouble is though, when i go looking for
    a new strap I somehow end up buying a watch:D

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    Name:  case back outer.jpg
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    Name:  100_2264.JPG
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    Re: Gruen Precision/ N 710 ss Automatic.

    Very Cool! Im a fan of these little guys, they look great.
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