Gruen Veri-thin Pocket Watch
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Thread: Gruen Veri-thin Pocket Watch

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    Gruen Veri-thin Pocket Watch

    Another one that I got to open and identify for my friend.I'm pretty sure it's a 1947 with a cal.385 movement.He was really excited about the case.
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    Re: Gruen Veri-thin Pocket Watch

    not many of those (in 14k solid gold) it seems are around still.
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    Re: Gruen Veri-thin Pocket Watch

    That's a lovely watch. So many fine gold cases have been sent off for scrap, so it's a treat to find one intact with its original movement.

    I think one of the case screws is off. Hard to say from the pictures, but it might be too small or beneath the case lip.
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