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    Hamilton Brandon Upgrade

    I recently purchased a Hamilton Brandon cld. I had some trouble identifying it because it has a 982M movement in it. I used catalog links on the Vintage Hamilton site to identify it. I don't have pictures of it right now, I shipped it off to my watchmaker, then I found the Vintage Hamilton site. How common was it to upgrade the movement and was it likely to have been done at the time of purchase? How effective was the cld system of sealing? I understand that the question is moot because of the unavailability of new seals I'm just curious about the technology.

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    Re: Hamilton Brandon Upgrade

    Here is a discussion of cld technology posted on WTF. As to how good??, not as good as Rolex's Oyster technology. But a definite improvement over previous mechanical fitting. The aim of this technology was to create a watch you did not have to take off (or pushed up your arm - which is why expandable bands were liked) before you washed your hands. They were not creating divers...

    As to fitting a different movement -- A jeweler could do what ever they wanted when they sold a watch. They were much more capable back then. So an upgrade if the customer wanted it is quite possible. Not likely I should think, but possible.
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    Re: Hamilton Brandon Upgrade

    The "Brandon" model was introduced in 1948. The case was gold filled and it was fitted with Hamilton's workhorse 17-jewel cal. 980 movement. The 982M was reserved for solid gold models.

    I think it's very unlikely that a modest "Brandon" would have been upgraded to a 982M at the time of original sale. It's much more likely to have occurred many years later when the original 980 needed replacing and the entire 980-982 lines had been superceded by the 7xx series. Keep in mind the 982M was Hamilton's top-of-the-line movement, a step up from even the 19-jewel 982.
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