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    Hamilton Rodney restoration

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. I found this Hamilton Rodney 748 for fifty cents and the darn thing started ticking after i wound the broken stem! Well anyway, I was going to get the stem & crown replaced but look at this hole! Is there any way to fix this?? It's 10k rolled gold.

    Second question. If I was going to buy a generic stem; does it have to be specifically mechanical vs quartz? I mean I know it's a tap 10 stem but what specifics do I need to know when searching for one?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Hamilton Rodney restoration

    Well, for the stem, you have to find out what movement is in there and get the correct stem for that movement.
    The hole, there are people out there that can fix it. Not sure how much though.
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    Re: Hamilton Rodney restoration

    +1...you need the correct stem for the caliber of movement. Then it will need to be fitted to length.

    A laser welder can fix that case.

    Congrats you made a great buy.

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    Re: Hamilton Rodney restoration

    These guys..........Replateit.com - Watch Case Restoration do amazing repairs!!!
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    Re: Hamilton Rodney restoration

    Wow you all are the best! I did not expect such quick and informative answers! Kudos to you all! I'll come back if I have any more questions!

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