Hanhart Chronograph info need it
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Thread: Hanhart Chronograph info need it

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    Hanhart Chronograph info need it

    Hello, found this Hanhart chronograph, which looks kind of strange, especially the chronograph buttons, does anybody know anything about this watch? Also the movement looks somewhat strange. I know is not allowed, but how much would this really worth?

    Here are some pics:

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    Re: Hanhart Chronograph info need it

    Many get wet pants for hanharts, check ebay for sold items
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    Re: Hanhart Chronograph info need it

    Both patent numbers on the case are for Hanhart patents alright - and they do allow to narrow down the period of manufacture.

    Swiss patent CH 288801:
    Registered in 1953.

    German patent DE903559:
    Dates to 1954.

    So, the watch must have been made in 1954 or later.

    The Swiss patent is simply described "Stoppuhr", i.e. stopwatch, but apparently in terms of a chrono.

    The German patent is for a "vereinfachter Chronograph", which means "simplified chronograph." That's quite consistent with the movement, so very different from the usual Hanhart movements (their wrist chronograph movements were 15.5''' column wheel ones, this one appears smaller, and is cam-actuated).

    While the pushers look beyond odd, it is actually possible, that it's supposed to be this way. The pushers with "collars" are a wee bit reminiscent of the C.R. Spillmann cases, and it's unlikely that they're missing anything, they also lack threading (i.e. I doubt they ever were "pump" pushers). A slightly larger start/stop pusher is very Hanhart-style.
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    Re: Hanhart Chronograph info need it

    The watch is fine and it is called "Patent Chronograph". It was designed in the first half of the 1950's and it had to be cheap to produce, but still technically and a bit luxury. The patent chronograph was a very simple movement and I will explain the function in short. The fact was that Germany lost the war and was in ruins. Economy startet slowly in 1950's, but grew constantly. The german population - who was still occupied and poor - had no money for expensive watches from switzerland, but there was a market for such stopp watches. In our case we have a rare pulsation bezel for medics. So Hanhart was inventing the Patent-Chronograph and it was sold in catalogues too - and it became a runner.

    How does it work? Easy to explain, because you set the bezel with the zero marker - the triangle - exact on the position of the minute hand and you start the center second. There is no compax for minute, but the minute hand in combination with the bezel does the same job.

    Cheers Felix
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