have old pocket watch thinking of trading, help??

Thread: have old pocket watch thinking of trading, help??

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    have old pocket watch thinking of trading, help??

    Hi all,
    I just stumbled accross this forum and thought I would give it a go. I have had an old pocket watch for some time that I have been considering trading or selling. But, all of my local watch pushers don't have any interest in pocket watches and are not even will to put any number on it.
    If there is interest I will post some pics. I am at work right now.

    The specifics (from memory)
    Its a gold Waltham pocket watch. Made @ 1880-1890. It has a spring loaded face that opens when the crown is pushed. It works, actually keeps pretty good time. It is of course a wind up/ mechanical. From memory 19 or 25 jewels??

    In general is this something that has value? If I were to want to sell or trade, where should I start?
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: have old pocket watch thinking of trading, help??

    I suggest you post some pics including pics of the movement.
    Gold always has a value.
    Let's take it from there, shall we?

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    Re: have old pocket watch thinking of trading, help??

    We don't give valuations here. If you read our sticky notes you'll be able to understand why.
    We can help identify your watch though if you would like to post a picture of the movement or give us the serial number from the movement. You have described a hunter case watch.
    It is very unlikely the watch has 25 jewels as the finest pocket watch was built with 23. Even 19 is unusual in a watch from 1890. 7, 11, 15 or 17 is what we normally see - maybe 19 or 21 in certain cases.
    The best place to sell anything of this sort is on eBay.

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