Have you seen before (Swiss)?

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    Picture Have you seen before (Swiss)?

    Does anybody know what brand and moviment?
    Whatch year?


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    Re: Have you seen before (Swiss)?

    Generic Swiss from the early twentieth century... most likely 1930s/40s.
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    Re: Have you seen before (Swiss)?

    It's not a familiar brand or movement to me. I wonder what "first class" means in this context? Interestingly for a Swiss movement is has the cheaper pin-lever escapement, but with a fully-jewelled 4-wheel train. I might have seen something like this with an indirect central seconds hand and signed 'Sindaco', but I'll have to search through a few old photos to confirm it. I'd date it to late 1940s to early 1950s.

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    Re: Have you seen before (Swiss)?

    Hi -

    You guys are good.

    Seriously, the movement lacks any sort of anti-shock on the balance wheel, pointing to a mass-volume movement from the 1930s/1940s, as the anti-shock was reserved for more expensive movements. The "First-Class" on the dial means virtually nothing.

    It's a 15-jewel version of the EB 1332 or whatever derivative that may be. The finishing called out "Felsa" to me, but there's nothing close made by Felsa. But Chascomm saw what I didn't immediately see: it is a pin-lever escapement!

    It's not a bad movement, but most certainly remains a mass-production movement. Hard to get parts for, as they were pretty much designed as a one-way product.

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