Hello, my first post: Need help identifing a watch

Thread: Hello, my first post: Need help identifing a watch

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    Hello, my first post: Need help identifing a watch

    So the one I cant seem to find any info online about is the: Tower brand watch. I took it apart to show you the back too. It also says made In U.S.A.
    The other watch is a small pocket watch more styled for woman, it's great looking and says swiss made. On the back of the movement it says 1 Jewel Haha. Both watches are wind-up and don't run. I know nothing about watches and I'm just getting into this mechanical watch/clock kick so I quickly learning. I wonder if I can figure out how to clean them up/ lube them and get them running.
    Anyway, hope I can get some friendly answers and comments. Thanks a lot. I also want to say hello, this is my first post after signing up. There appears to be a lot of good info on this site. :)
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    Re: Hello, my first post: Need help identifing a watch

    Hi there,

    the only I can make out is an EB 8800 movemet in the right bottom pic:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: EB 8800

    Anyway, pin levers were cheap watches which didn't justify any repair or service. So they ran until they stopped, and then were disposed. If you meet today a not running pin lever, the normal case is, that someone forgot to drop it into the bin. Of course they can generally be repaired, and with some luck you can extend their live for some months or even years just by cleaning and lubricating, but don't expect it to be easy: Replacements for worn parts are between hardly and not available, and parts from donors are usually not better than those to be replaced.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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