Helmut Sinn's collection of vintage watches
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Thread: Helmut Sinn's collection of vintage watches

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    Picture Helmut Sinn's collection of vintage watches

    Helmut Sinn, the 95 year “old” former watchmaker, pilot and rallye driver, will soon withdraw completely from the active watch business and, at least what his decades of business with successful designing and selling of watches concerns, retire.

    Besides many high-quality and collector's items sought all over the world from his own early era, interesting watches of other brands also come up for sale, e.g. Longines wristwatches and hand stop watches, Omega’s, Heuer’s, Lemania’s and many other famous models.

    All watches are checked by certified watchmakers and are revised if necessary. The cases are with all watches in good to very good used condition, also here a professional case processing was partially carried out.

    The prices of the watches are extremely fairly calculated, as one was used to it since the early days of his active time. His motto as always: „The best possible quality for the lowest possible price!“

    The wrist watches are partly sold with a steel or metal bracelet or a leather band (when indicated in the watch description), a solid aluminium watch box and on special request a certificate about the history of the watch and about the role which the watch has played in the life of Helmut Sinn.

    For all sales Mr. Sinn stands with his high reputation as an honourable private individual, hence, all sales are concluded without guarantee and without warranty. Contracting partner for all sales is exclusively Mr. Helmut Sinn, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    The sales of all watches will effect exclusively via the website Vintage collectors watches of Helmut Sinn. There the potential buyer finds out all details of the respective watches, if known by Mr. Sinn himself, the respective prices, characteristic features and the terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

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    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
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    Re: Helmut Sinn's collection of vintage watches

    Popped over for a quick visit to the site. The prices are not unreasonable, maybe a little on the plus side for eBay for some and about what I would expect for others... which makes them good, IMHO. Good selection of the kinds of things I would collect - solid examples of good watches.

    Well worth a visit!

    (Before you ask, yes this would be a rules violation but Ernie makes the rules! I assume this was done as a favor.)
    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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    Re: Helmut Sinn's collection of vintage watches


    This information isn´t brandnew, it´s from last year - but doesn´t matter concerning the watches being offered(except, that some of them are already gone ).
    In March this year, I bought my Rado cased Valjoux 7758 chrono with moon phase indication from him. The watch is in top condition(better than described or to see on the pics) and I got it for a bargain price. The sales order process was perfect - Mike, who does the sales orders, is a very friendly guy and absolutely reliable. My chrono arrived in a nice alu box with a brandnew gasket in the back. In compare to other offers in the www, you can be sure to get what´s described.
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    Best regards, Mike

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