Good Morning Everyone,

One of those, you can't make this up things. So I had this old knotted lug Benrus in a drawer forever that I got on fleabay dirt cheap a while back. I sent in a few watches for servicing and thought, why not, I'll get this guy going again. I got an overhaul done and an new crystal put on it. I got it home from the watch maker and decided that a different strap would suit it nicely. I just barely put the spring bar tool up to in and the damned lug snapped off. It's gold-filled, getting it repaired would probably cost me close to $100 and most jewelers won't want to touch it. Since I have this freshly overhauled BB-4 engine, I thought my best bet might be to find another distressed model on fleabay and swap the movements out. I'm seeing a lot of watches that could work, but a lot of movements out there bb-3, bb-14 etc. Does anyone know about what the interchangeability would be for these? Would it have to be a BB-4 to have the dial feet line up properly, or are they basically the same movement with some minor tweeks like the Hamilton 980/982/982M?

Thanks for your help!

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