Help buying a vintage Omega
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Thread: Help buying a vintage Omega

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    Help buying a vintage Omega

    Hi, looking to but a vintage watch but not got a clue what they are worth.

    can anyone give advice on the following watches, and if they are worth the price listed...

    thanks in advance for any help and info about these.


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    Re: Help buying a vintage Omega

    Quote Originally Posted by snellfish View Post
    Hi, looking to but a vintage watch but not got a clue what they are worth.

    can anyone give advice on the following watches, and if they are worth the price listed...

    thanks in advance for any help and info about these.

    My two cents: 1 and 2 ok.

    3 as well, not exactly a bargain. Seems to be an honest description, especially what converns the re-dial. The history part sounds a bit 'hodinkish' (term deriviates from the eggbeater style of a certain seller).

    Omega watches have their price.

    4 way over the top pricewise, it's rose gold PLATED.

    But there are other forum members here, certainly more experienced.
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    Re: Help buying a vintage Omega

    #1 is a bit too polished for my taste, and I have some concerns about the fact that the vertical line does not bisect the Omega symbol properly. Price seems high given these issues.

    #2 is probably the most honest of all four watches, but the price is quite high for a gold-capped watch with a case in rough condition.

    #3 is a poor quality re-dial, and probably a franken as well.

    #4 is badly overpolished and insanely overpriced.

    Edit: To get a sense of value for similar watches, please go to eBay advanced searches and search for SOLD items with the following search terms: omega gold (cap,capped)

    Edit2: In my totally subjective opinion, these are not good values in the prices range you're considering. Certainly if I were looking at spending over 1000 gbp, I wouldn't consider a gold plated/capped watch for an instant. Perhaps solid gold Omegas are not so common within your budget, but you can certainly find watches of equal quality in solid gold (e.g. IWC, Longines, Zenith, UG, Movado, etc.). In the long run, I think you would regret such a large investment in a plated/capped watch.
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    Re: Help buying a vintage Omega

    #2 is the only one without issues.

    #1 - as Dan said, polished.
    #3 - BOMBAY SPECIAL!!!
    #4 - rip-off, as badly overpolished as it gets, incorrect crown, movement in poor condition.
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    Re: Help buying a vintage Omega

    No movement picture, no purchase
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