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    Help with Enicar Sherpa Graph


    I have an Enicar Sherpa Graph and have some questions.

    How could I check the model year?
    The glass seems wrong if i look at other Enicar Sherpa Graph where do I get the original glass?
    Luminous on the minute hand is gone how is that fixed?

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    Re: Help with Enicar Sherpa Graph

    A good reference can be found here. Looks like you have a mark I sherpa graph - congrats, they're very hard to find right now! The lume looks kinda fresh (so maybe it's been relumed?) and I believe the crown is not original (it should have the Enicar "saturn" logo on it). The crystal looks like it's from a supercompressor-style watch, I'm guessing a later Enicar (Super Dive, Ultra Dive, Sherpa Ops, etc.). You can sometimes find the crown and crystal popping up for sale on ebay, just keep a lookout. As for filling the lume back in, some watchmakers can do it. If you're hankering to fill in that hand and get rid of the green lume look, James Hyman would be my man to go to.

    Or you could just sell the watch - I'm sure there will be many takers, sherpa graphs are getting very popular these days, and you have the first variant! Heck, I'd throw in a bid myself!
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    Re: Help with Enicar Sherpa Graph

    I agree with Wongcheok: the crystal looks like a replacement. It should be less angular. Also, the crown doesn't look original. I have 18 Enicar watches and all of them have a signed crown. A crystal shouldn't be very hard to find, but a crown can be a pain.
    It's a beautiful watch though. The MkI is really rare ans the hands look authentic. Not sure about the dial. Might be redone? I would leave the lume as it is if I were you.


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    Help with Enicar Sherpa Graph

    That is beautiful!!! FYI:

    The earliest Sherpa Graphs did not have the Saturn logo on the crown - only cross hatch design which they shared with other models. yours appears correct.

    The "glass" is most likely replaced. As previously mentioned - NOS glass pops up for sale. Other parts like crowns, hands, bezels are extremely difficult to come by.

    If it were my watch - I would leave it just the way it is. She is glorious

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    Re: Help with Enicar Sherpa Graph

    Beautiful Sherpa. Dial looks great for its age.

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