Help,Found my great grandfathers pocket watch

Thread: Help,Found my great grandfathers pocket watch

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    Help,Found my great grandfathers pocket watch

    Was digging through some of my grand fathers things he brought back from WW2, I happened to find his old pocket watch he got from my grandmothers step father when they got married after he came back. It has National Watch Co. on the dial I opened it up and Its an Elgin Pocket Watch, serial # 149,308 and it say Chas. Fargo on the movement, so I looked it up and it was made in 1870. Its also missing the seconds hand. I wound it up and it runs fine, I would love to restore it (at least get the hands fixed) and surprise my dad, anyone know of someone who can do this in NYC? I'll try to post a picture later. THANKS


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    Re: Help,Found my great grandfathers pocket watch

    Welcome to the forum. With pictures, we will be able to help you a little more - although you seem to have done quite all right so far! A movement identification should be possible with some pictures, though.

    Hartmut Richter

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