Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic
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Thread: Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic

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    Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic

    Hello everybody, today I bought this watch at a local flea market, I paid around 70 euros for it. I thought it was the real deal until I got home and opened it.
    The case, dial, and back cover seem to be original, the dial even has a nice patina to it, also the the crown has a GP logo.
    When I opened it I found that the watch was missing its rotor. The watch winds manually and works but I am afraid the movement is not original. If you can kindly take a look at the pictures and maybe someone will recognize the movement.I only cand see the start of a serial number on the movement, 934..something.
    Also if i shake the watch the movement inside rattles a little bit.
    If it is not the original movement, do you think the parts are worth anything?

    I am really disappointed because upon researching the watch I found great things about it. only 662 made, the first 36000vph movement in the world etc.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic

    The movement looks correct but is missing the rotor, reversing wheels, etc. I've had this happen too.

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    Re: Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic


    I reckon that this happens to many / most of us...the watch looks good on the outside / not so good, inside.

    Still: to my mind, the dial, alone, is worth what you paid...really. Good original Swiss dials are hard to find, and the time may come when you'll be very happy that you have this one.

    I'll also suggest that many of us who work on & collect watches have several pieces that are 'works in progress'...items that we hope to complete one day, but understand that are of a nature such that they can take quite a lot of effort & luck to see to fruition.

    I once knew a fellow in New Hampshire who mentioned that he'd just paid $500.00 for an American pocket watch dial...and he didn't have the movement that it went to! I was a little surprised, but this Expert mentioned that the watch was so rare and desirable, that he couldn't NOT buy the dial; he had never seen such a dial that was not attached to a watch, and here was his chance!

    This was about 20 years ago...I can only wonder what he could sell it for today...I'll wager it's more than he spent!

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    Re: Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic

    I am happy the watch works, and it keeps great time, after 24 hours from purchase it didnt lose any seconds. I am amazed. I will probably keep it until the right time comes and I find some parts for it. so far after long ebay searches and other speciality sites I didnt find any parts. Which shows me that the watch is indeed very rare.

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    Re: Help with Girard-Perregaux CHronometre HF Gyromatic

    If you don't mind, I can restore it for you.
    This is a Girard-Perregaux 42 movement. High beat 36000bph. Not surprised it is so accurate.
    As stated above, it is missing automatic winding module. And rotor axle is broken.
    I have the genuine GP axle, reversing wheels and bridge in stock (in good used condition).
    We need a rotor itself. And a nice one is on eBay right now. It is a bit overpriced, but it has Best Offer option.
    Or we can use same part from Zodiac 36000 movement. They are completely compatible.
    PM me if any.
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    Vintage Zodiac addict.

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