Help identifiying old unusual watch
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Thread: Help identifiying old unusual watch

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    Help identifiying old unusual watch

    Hello, I was just given an old watch today that was going to be thrown out otherwise, that would have been quite a shame. I have never heard of the brand "Aureus" but I understand that it is powered by a Record Cal. 107C. Maybe Aureus is a sub-brand of Record? It appears to be running and keeping time for now but the movement looks filthy. I hope to service this watch at some point if it's not too complicated. The days of the week on the sub-dial are in Portuguese which makes sense as the original owner came from Portugal but otherwise I don't know a anything more of the watch. I would like to know more about this watch if anyone could shed some additional light. How desirable is a Record 107C powered watch? How does one change the day/date/month on It? Here are a couple of quick pictures of the watch in question.
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    Re: Help identifiying old unusual watch

    According to Mikrolisk, the Aureus brand was registered in Lisbon, Portugal. The trademark was registered in 1957, however the brand most likely existed long before that, and this watch proves it- the Ranfft archive has a specimen annotated as "circa 1940", so it could have been made between then and the early 1950s (given that there's no shock device). Style-wise, and given that the date presented on subdials rather than in windows was an earlier solution used in triple date watches (well, seen PWs with a layout like that, except for the central date hand), I'd guess that it's from the early to mid 1940s.
    With a calendar, it should be a cal. 107CLD, but that had a moon phase function. So I'd assume that it's an ordinary 107 base with a calendar module.
    There should be some sort of pushers for setting the day, date and month independently.
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