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    Help identify 1973 Bulova

    I am hoping someone here can help me identify the model of the 1973 Bulova I inherited from my uncle.I have searched the internet and this message board and could only find a picture of an older similar model and that it was made in 1973 (N3 stamped on the rear of the case).
    I need to get a better camera mine is not good at taking pictures of small items.Here is a picture of a 1970 Sea King Bulova that I found for auction on Ebay that is almost the same as my watch.
    The only differences are that my watch does not have the whale on the face and the second hand is larger.The markings on the rear say base metal bezel,water resistant,N3 and the serial number.
    Is mine also a sea king or could it be another model?
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    Re: Help identify 1973 Bulova

    Hard to say. Aside from the year of manufacture, there isn't a lot of information available on Bulova beyond what it may say on the case or dial.

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