help identify my roamer watch

Thread: help identify my roamer watch

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    Re: help identify my roamer watch

    Hi there,

    For ease, its better if you can add the 'embed image' instead of the link to the image... saves on having to click on each one!!

    Looks like a a nice ladies silver Roamer... cant make out the silver hallmarks, but they should be able to date the watch. Im sure some will be able to advise on the movement! Some dimensions may help!

    Nice watch!
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    Re: help identify my roamer watch

    diameter 25mm
    Thickness 7mm

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    Re: help identify my roamer watch

    That is a very nice silver cased Roamer watch. It's on the border between mens and ladies but the style would push it towards ladies. It looks like one of the 202 series calibres, probably the 234.

    Name:  6905348868_3631a4d7b9_o.jpg
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    As you can see on the page linked to the image, the sizes fit.

    Hallmarks appears to be for Glasgow which would likely make this an M&S case, but the details on your photo of the inner caseback are too fuzzy for me to see more.
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    Re: help identify my roamer watch

    I think the date code is a 'g' - assuming I am correct, this is a date stamp for 1929, which correlates well with the overall style of the watch. It would be helpful if you could confirm this date letter for us

    I agree that it is a ladies watch, as although this movement is most often found in mens watches, the case on this one is very thin - and I agree with Mirius that it is a ladies watch.

    Watches from this period are wonderful - this one has some similar design touches and is a 33mm mans version.

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    Re: help identify my roamer watch

    Kris - delete some of your PM inbox - someone wants to send you one and its full!
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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