Help to identify a old pocket watch?
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Thread: Help to identify a old pocket watch?

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    Help to identify a old pocket watch?

    I recently got my hands on this pocket watch which belonged to my great granddad. Could some please tell me more about the watch and how old it could be, I understand that it is very difficult to pinpoint the year but a rough idea would be good. Thanks for look at the pictures. I wanted to upload the images here but it didn't work so I'll post a link to flickr.

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    Re: Help to identify a old pocket watch?

    You can display the images here if you use the [IMG] codes or the image icon on the post using the appropriate Flickr URL.

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    Re: Help to identify a old pocket watch?

    Some more pictures added by me. My initial reply (by PM) was basically the following:

    "It is certainly not a Zenith and is probably not even Swiss. It is still a lovely watch of high enough quality, though. The movement gives us absolutely no clue as to the maker - the "A" and "R" only stand for "Avance" and "Retard", i.e. show which way the regulator arm should be pushed to sped up the watch or slow it down (to compensate for any deviation one has now - one would, after all, like to get it to run spot on!). The "F.A.C." in the oval on the case gives us a greater clue for it is the mark of the company of Phillip Wolf, later renamed to Fabrique Aureole, still later renamed to Fabriques Aureole & Vertex SA and originally founded in 1905. I expected that this was just the case maker but apparently they were watchmakers and located in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. The movement is superficially of German style since the Germany followed the Glashütte style of one single 3/4 plate to cover the geartrain and mainspring, like this:

    ...whereas the Swiss preferred a system of several distinct bridges, like this (as one of many different examples):

    However, your movement actually has more than one plate, only the gaps between them are extremely thin. I therefore don't think that it is a Glashütte movement and it may not even be a German movement.

    Hope that helps,

    Hartmut Richter"

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    Re: Help to identify a old pocket watch?

    I agree with Hartmuth . This is definetly no german A.Lange or Assmann movement. Just look at the escapement. This is something we call: "System Glashuette" like you see here: bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Teutonia 19''' . The basic is a FHF ebouche. That means its a swiss movement in a "german style" and usually made for the german market. Therefore its quite typical that you find on the case swiss and german marks for gold. If you find no hallmarks on the movement its usually impossible to find out the maker. Yours is from good quality- congradulations.
    I would date this watch within the mid twenties until mid thirtees.

    Regards Silke
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