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    Question Help to Identify a Swiss made pocket watch

    Hi, i have a swiss made pocket watch that i am having problems trying to identify
    i have managed to take the back off the watch or what i thought was the back, only to find it was an outercasing

    i did not go any further as i did not want to damage it, however it did have stamped into the outer shell swiss made with the numbers 13087

    The watch has on the face, "CANDINO WATCH CO."; and the word officer in red

    picture below

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    If anyone could help i would be very grateful


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    Re: Help to Identify a Swiss made pocket watch

    Hmmmm. Since there is "Incabloc" and "17 jewels" on the dial, it's more likely to be a modern pocket watch (post WWII)) or even a "retro" watch, made recently (1980 or later) trying to look like an old watch. Another clue to that is that it has a savonette ("hunter") movement without an outer front lid as a hunter should have.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Help to Identify a Swiss made pocket watch

    This watch was produced around 1947 and onwards till the model name changed and logo changed, Candino is a maker of fine Swiss watches, this movement should be gilded and have hammered finish? They also made versions with same dial layout and print for wrist watches, there is some speculation whether they where ever issued for military purposes ( I doubt it) but that they were made and sold during war time.
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