Help to identify this watch
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Thread: Help to identify this watch

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    Help to identify this watch

    Hi , this watch has been in the family for quite sometime and i am trying to find out any information about it. I believe it is a Patek quarter repeater. The two blacksmiths strike the anvil to give an audible time.
    Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help to identify this watch


    We can only see a photo with a part of a dial
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    Re: Help to identify this watch

    Are you actually saying that those two blacksmith figures shown on the dial move their arms like an automaton?
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    Re: Help to identify this watch

    Have you a photo of the movement as I'd expect it to be exquisite if it's a Patek.

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    Re: Help to identify this watch

    Watchtheworld...What a nice photo of some old, Swiss, watch.

    Patek...really? Michael.

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    Re: Help to identify this watch

    I'd like to see a clip of the blacksmiths striking the anvil.

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    Thank for your interest everyone.
    Yes the man on the left strikes the anvil once for each hour and the other strikes it once for each quarter hour when you push a button (3:30 would sound ding, ding, ding, dong, dong)
    I will get some more photos and video on the next couple of days.
    The only similar thing I have seen on the web is at this site

    It is very similar though the case is slightly different.

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    Re: Help to identify this watch

    The watch in the link is a "Pateck & Cie." - and that has almost nothing to do with Patek Philippe, except that, however decent the watches might be, they were a blatant attempt to profit from the good name of Patek Philippe and were not up to the standard of the real McCoy. PP took the owners of (the brand name) Pateck & Cie to court and won so that the name "Pateck" was thereafter banned on pain of payment of damages.

    Watches like that - repeaters with figures on the dial that move while the repeater strikes - are technically called "Jacquemarts" (from the french for "Jack", and "marteau" or french for "hammer").

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