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    Question Help identify Wm Meyerink & Co. pocketwatch ...

    Hello folks,

    Hoping someone can shed light on a pocket watch I have. At this point in time I have not yet opened the case back to look at the movement.

    The white dial is marked Wm Meyerink & Co. and is a manual wind.

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    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll let you know what's inside in a bit. Thanks.

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    Re: Help identify Wm Meyerink & Co. pocketwatch ...

    Can't tell you much just from the face; it's a fairly generic dial; not unlike millions of others created between 1880 and 1930. It looks like an unsunk dial, which normally would indicate a more "economy", but that may depend on how old the watch is. The case (what I can see of it) looks like a reasonably old gold-filled case from pre-1910, but that's a wild guess, really.

    If you google "Wm. Meyerink & Co", you get a lot of hits that reference a company that worked out of Hong Kong back at the turn of the century. Here, for instance:
    Aviva - About us - Heritage - Countries - Hong Kong

    Or this:
    1898 (21 May) "Wm. Meyerink & Co., Shanghai" printed envelope to New York (13.6) "per Empress of Japan"... (Total: 1 Item) Stamps

    And this link to a auction for a clock featuring "oriental writing":
    Vintage J Unghans Carriage Clock w/Musical Alarm German
    My growing collection of "affordable" vintages:

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    Re: Help identify Wm Meyerink & Co. pocketwatch ...

    It is a 'private label' watch in which the jeweler (Meyerink) bought the watch from a manufacturer and had their name put on the dial. You can google up the jeweler but we won't be able to tell much without a pic of the movement.

    Welcome to Vintage where someone always seem to know something about almost any watch... LOL
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    Re: Help identify Wm Meyerink & Co. pocketwatch ...

    I think they were a German company based out of Hong kong during the later 1890- 1900 I have seen watches with chinese on the dial just under the company name, also research shows them in Hongkong during 1890's under their name W.M MEYERINK & CO listed on Chinese manifest as "PEEK" (no Idea) but at least I have found out they are Germans. I would speculate they were importers furnishing watches amongst other things to the Europeans living in Hongkong at the time.
    More than this I can't find, someone else probably will.

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    Re: Help identify Wm Meyerink & Co. pocketwatch ...

    Good work all!

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    This pdf, if it loads, states that the firm had its HQ in Shanghai with an agent in Hamburg. (page 41) and with definite Hong Kong connections. It appears to have been some kind of general 'merchant'.
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