Help identify this women's Doxa
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Thread: Help identify this women's Doxa

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    Help identify this women's Doxa

    Hi, got this small Doxa for my wife, needs some TLC, new crystal, etc., but would like to know something about the watch, possibly year of production, calibre, movement, how did the original strap looked like?

    Here are some photos of the watch:

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    Also, does anybody know from where I could by the crystal replacement of this watch and the strap (would be nice to be authentic looking strap)?

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    Re: Help identify this women's Doxa

    The movement is an Aurore-Villeret 110:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Aurore-Villeret 110
    Used by Doxa until the late 1940s.
    The watch is most definitely pre-1940, because that's when Doxa started to use a serial number pattern, in which the first two digits indicated the year of manufacture. This one follows a different pattern, and unfortunately the Doxa records were destroyed by a flood, so the serial number is a dead end, and further dating is not possible. It can date anywhere between the late 1920s and 1939/1940. My guess would be very early 1930s, but... It's just a guess.
    What size is it? Doesn't look like a ladies' watch to me... If 28mm or more, that would make it a men's watch. Your caliper indicates 21.37mm, but what I can immediately notice, is that it's the diameter of the crystal, not the case. Since it isn't round, we're talking about case width​. Assuming that the space between the crystal and the edge of the case at 3 and 9 o'clock is 3mm in each place, that gives a 27.37. Should it be more, I would say that there isn't a chance that this is a ladies' watch.
    How did the original strap look like? Dunno. Maybe a one-piece leather strap? Or a two-piece open-ended leather strap with metal (possibly screw-stud type?) fasteners at the lug ends of each piece.
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    For any inquiries regarding vintage Doxa watches, please read the highlighted text in my vintage Doxa thread. Sorry, but I will not respond to PMs on the matter.

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