Help Identifying this 18K Watch and it's estimated value

Thread: Help Identifying this 18K Watch and it's estimated value

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    Help Identifying this 18K Watch and it's estimated value

    Hello all and wow what a great forum,

    This watch has been in the family for some time. It's currently in a non working order, It has 18K stamped on the back of it with what appears to be the queens head. It also has a code that says: 115031.

    I've taken images and attached the links to it through this thread. I'm well aware taking it to a jewellers i would likely be told a load of rubbish to obtain it for a stupidly cheap price but ultimately i'm looking to try and find out something about this watch, even if its an estimate and it's rough worth. Seems to be a small gold pocket watch, looks like a ladys size one.

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Help Identifying this 18K Watch and it's estimated value

    Once again, no evaluations done here.

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    Re: Help Identifying this 18K Watch and it's estimated value

    The "queens head" is likely "Helvetia", the female personification of Switzerland, and the swiss hallmark for 18k gold used after 1880. That matches up with the watch, which looks to be a late 19th century swiss keywind cylinder movement of good quality.

    Movements like this were more-or-less mass produced and designed to be very generic, so that they could be more easily customized to a target market. Since each watch was hand finished, it makes repairing (or even servicing) these watches a bit of a chore (translation: expensive). Thus, owning and maintaining them these days can be bothersome. Good quality ones like this can usually find a home with a watch collector, but you usually won't get much more then the gold melt value (which would be a fraction of the raw value of the gold) plus a bit if the movement isn't broken. Of course, you'd want to check with an expert in swiss cylinder watches to make sure there isn't something of particular importance about it, but what I'm seeing in your pictures looks normal.
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