Help identifying grandfather's watch
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Thread: Help identifying grandfather's watch

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    Help identifying grandfather's watch

    I am trying to find out more information about my grandfather's watch, he lived in paris, and the watch is Swiss made with no make or model appearing anywhere. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Tried to included a photo of the jewelers information inscription on the back of the watch.
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    Re: Help identifying grandfather's watch

    Fist of all, welcome to WuS. This is an example of an entry-level gold-plated chronograph with a Landeron movement (cal 51, I believe). These were assembled by many manufacturers and/or jewelers throughout the 1940s and 1950s. It is more typical that the watch will have the name of a defunct manufacturer on the dial (or the generic "CHRONOGRAPHE SUISSE"), but your grandfather's was either left sterile, or the dial may have been refinished at some point. The inscriptions inside the case-back are usually notes from a particular watchmaker indicating what type of repair/service was performed, and when.
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    Re: Help identifying grandfather's watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek from me too. It should not be a "Chronographe Suisse" since these were usually in solid gold cases (rather than plated) but these "solid" gold cases were rather thin, with hollowed out lugs and needed a base metal inner case back to support the outer gold one. All this is not the case here so it should have been made by some other maker. I agree: either the dial was refinished at some point or the maker (probably more like "assembler" - these things were sometimes merely put together by an end finisher from generic parts acquired elsewhere) was so insignificant that his name is not recorded on the dial.

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    Re: Help identifying grandfather's watch

    Nice workhorse swiss movement - cool watch to remember him with.

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    Thanks you all so much for the wonderful information on the watch, would have probably taken me a month to find out what the movement was on Google! Hope you all have a happy holiday!

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    Re: Help identifying grandfather's watch

    Hey there!

    Dan seems to have nailed the ID on the movement.... Landeron 51. I have one too...

    Name:  Landeron_51_mvt.jpg
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    It is my first one and I bought it to learn about chronograph function, disassembly/assembly and timing. Pretty cool movement.

    As mentioned previously, these were seemingly used widely by every watch seller and his brother, and cousin.... with well known and obscure brands alike using them in a watch. Most seem to be in plated cases; either gold plate or chrome on base metal with a stainless back. eBay prices on these have gone through the roof the last few years. Your dial looks too good to be original to the watch. Don't think that matters though...

    They seem to be good movements and parts are widely available. Mine needed to be restaffed, and I replaced the roller table and mainspring in mine too.

    Expect to find that these are expensive to have repaired by a professional.

    Thanks for sharing.
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