Help with identifying this Melody Alarm?

Thread: Help with identifying this Melody Alarm?

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    Help with identifying this Melody Alarm?

    Just found this thing for 2 bucks at a thrift store, threw a battery in it and it's working very well... but I can't figure out what's up with it. It doesn't have a brand name anywhere, just a McDonalds logo. But it's not a standard Happy Meal piece of crud, it's a stainless steel watch (100% STAINLESS STEEL is engraved in the back of the clasp). It says MELODY ALARM on the front and has a cool days-of-the-week marker along the top of the display. The back says nothing but MADE IN HONG KONG. Any ideas what it is... if it's a rebadged Casio, maybe?
    Thanks so much for your help.
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    Re: Help with identifying this Melody Alarm?

    These early LCD watches were so cheap when they were introduced they were often used as incentive items in retail sales. I remember finding them in breakfast cereal boxes. This one looks to be a fairly standard LCD watch for it's time. Casio was the biggest maker. But many were made by US semi-conductor firms that contracted with Hong Kong firms for actual assembly of US movements.
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