Help identifying Rolex (Prima?)
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Thread: Help identifying Rolex (Prima?)

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    Help identifying Rolex (Prima?)

    I have this old Rolex (25x15cm) watch but unfortunately I don`t know much about it and was hoping to get some help from here...
    What does this “Prima” mean?
    Is it still a geniue Rolex watch?
    Does anyone know in more detail what watch do I have here?
    Is it common watch or something more rare? What could be approximate price?
    Would be thankful for any information about the watch.
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    Re: Help identifying Rolex (Prima?)

    At the time that was made, Rolex was still using completely generic movements, mostly from Aegler, which were also used by others. This movement is plausible:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Rolex 250

    ...although there is no absolute guarantee that someone modded a completely generic movement (the only reference to Rolex is on a part that is easily swapped). However, on balance, I'd say that it is probably genuine as far as it goes, although the case has obviously been melted down or otherwise trashed. Unless it's still in your posession and you aren't showing it.....?!

    Hartmut Richter
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