Help identifying vintage IWC.

Thread: Help identifying vintage IWC.

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    Help identifying vintage IWC.

    I know it's from the 1960's, or even earlier...My father purchased it when he was in Hong Kong. He had it in his sock drawer since then. We only recently found it in 2014. I didn't want to open it, as it seems the serial number is located inside the case and the watchmaker I took it to didn't want to chance touching it. IWC wants me to send it to them.... that, I'm definitely not doing. I just need some help trying to figure out the approximate model, year, etc.

    Here are a few descriptions:

    1. The dial and crown are not signed with either "Swiss Made", or "Swiss", nor does it have the logo on the crown.

    2. It comes in a small green case with IWC on the inside of the case plus "Swiss" printed on the bottom.

    3. It came with two straps in varying lengths.

    4. It seems to keep perfect time, down to +/-3 seconds during the 24 hours I checked on it and the second hand moves fine, as any manual wind watch would.

    Here are some pics:

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Help identifying vintage IWC.

    It's a very fine watch, likely a cal 89. One of the best manual wind movement ever made, IMO.

    Someone had the dial refinished in an incorrect font. It does detract from the overall look of the watch. The crown may very well be original, these were not always signed.

    Since it is a heirloom, all of this is probably of little consequence to you.

    If you can get the serial numbers of the case and movement, you can check the age of your watch here:

    DateYourIWC applet

    Hope this helps,

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