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    help identifying vintage watch

    Hi, i have an wrist watch that seems to be vintage, but there are no marking on the tonneau shaped movement and i ask for help to identify it.
    On the dial it says Chronometer Ancre and on the back of the movement near the regulator there is symbol like big letter A.

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    Re: help identifying vintage watch

    Looks very much like an Adolf Schild Cal. 954 or derivative with adapted bridges (dropped in favour of a 3/4 plate):

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: AS 954

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    Re: help identifying vintage watch

    That type of arrangement (a rectangular movement in a round case) was the type of thing you'd see in the 40s or 50's, once the appeal of rectangular and square watches wore off. The lack of any markings on the movement tells us that it was specifically finished to be sold in a particular market; one that didn't require information for tariff purposes. The case is a fairly classic 40's military style, so you're probably looking at someone's attempt to quickly take advantage of surplus stock after the war.
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