Help identifying this watch?
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Thread: Help identifying this watch?

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    Confused Help identifying this watch?

    This watch was my grandfathers. If needed, there's some writing on the face of the movement, which I can't decipher. If anyone could help me figure out the heritage of the piece, or the worth of the watch-- that'd be awesome!

    In the first photo, the number hidden by the hands is "23"

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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

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    Here are the photos of the movement.

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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

    Welcome to WUS and thanks for posting photos of your grandfather's watch!

    Suffice it to say that the sentimental value greatly outweighs the financial value. It's a cheap, but interesting, watch. The dial has a bunch of advertising on it, some of which is designed to deceive unwary buyers at the time. For example, the "23" is supposed to suggest to people who just look quickly that the movement has 23 jewels, which of course it doesn't. Then there is the ELECTRA and QUARTZARAMA combination, which is really fascinating if you think about it, given that it's actually a simple mechanical watch. Just an interesting time capsule window into entry-level watch marketing in that era.

    Either your grandfather didn't wear it very much, or he treated it very carefully, because the gold plating looks fully intact, which is usually not the case. Does it run?
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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

    I'd assumed as much, but I do agree that it is interesting. I'm sure a lifetime mainspring is something manufacturers today would die for, haha.

    Right now it doesn't run, as it's missing the crown to wind the movement up-- however, I think I found an applicable replacement so I'll be fixing it up.

    Thanks so much!
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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

    It's yet another 1-jewel mechanical watch called 'Electra'. This model name was used by many brands of invariably cheap watches in the 1970s. 'Quartzarama' is a first for me. It's worth preserving just for the amusing labelling. Shouldn't be too hard to find replacement parts for the ES 55 movement.
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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

    There was some discussion on similar watches recently - see it at the link below:

    Your example doesn't have a look-alike name (although "Remington" was a well-known brand of which I doubt this watch had any connection) but the traits of the low cost one jewel pin lever watch are there in the excessive, and to a degree misleading, dial gumpf. You'll note that in that thread linked there is another example of an "Electra", again a name used to, basically, deceive. Not an outright lie, as they could claim the movement was "Electronically Timed" (another common dial claim on such watches) but the intent was clearly to make it appear this was one of those newfangled electric/electronic watches. The "'Quartzarama" marking is the same thing. "Quasar" was similar to Hamilton's "Pulsar" watches. It was all intended to mislead the unwary and knowledgeable and, at the time, there was no internet to check things. People were on their own and such a watch could, and certainly did, appeal and seem to offer a lot for a low price. The intent was to disguise the very basic nature of such watches. An interesting and quaint novelty nowadays in a time of outright clone-like fakes, but still a functional watch in its own right with the added significance of having been owned by your Grandfather.
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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

    Iím not so convinced that the buyers of this sort of stuff were, on the whole, being deceived. A cheap watch is a cheap watch regardless of what it might say on the dial and if you pay low then your expectations are similarly placed. Iím sure a few gullible people were misled but not most buyers.

    I suggest that instead these fall into the same category as why people buy fake Rolexes. They want the advertising to deceive others into thinking that they are wearing something more than it us.

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    Re: Help identifying this watch?

    I find it interesting that itís marked as Swiss made parts assembled in Hong Kong. Kind of the reverse of watches these days.

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