Help identifying this watch please.

Thread: Help identifying this watch please.

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    Help identifying this watch please.

    I've asked, I've looked and I couldn't find any information on this watch I have, thought I'd try my luck here.

    All I know about the watch is that it was made in 70s or 80s, on the back it says "Base metal bezel", "Stainless steel back" and "Assembled in Korea".

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    Re: Help identifying this watch please.

    Welcome to the Vintage forum. I am afraid that I can tell you nothing about the watch over and above what you already know. It is a typical digital LCD watch from the late 1970s or early 1980s - the sort of thing that Casio churned out in their millions but obviously Casio didn't have a monopoly on making them! Timex is the successor of Ingersoll and is well known for making cheap but very rugged watches until the quartz crisis wiped out mechanical watches of that type and they turned to making cheap and rugged quartz watches.

    Hartmut Richter

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