Help identifying watchmaker vintage 1940s

Thread: Help identifying watchmaker vintage 1940s

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    Help identifying watchmaker vintage 1940s

    I saw this watch listed as a vintage 1940s piece, but I'm unfamiliar with the name on the dial 'Supreme' (it's also the name on the movement). And I'm also wondering if anyone knows what the red mark on the dial is.

    Seller said something about it being a nurse's watch but I'm pretty sure that has to do with what they used to call duo dial watches and that it doesn't have to do with the red marking. I'm not sure if he was implying it's a Red Cross insignia, bc I'm pretty sure that's not what the cross looked like even back then or why it would be on a watch's dial for that matter.

    Anyway, here are the links to the pictures posted on the site:

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Help identifying watchmaker vintage 1940s

    Here are the results for "Supreme" in Mikrolisk:
    Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index

    That's a "doctor's watch" layout alright, used by- for example- Rolex and Gruen. But it doesn't look like either of them made this watch.
    It seems small enough to be a ladies' watch, so a "nurse's watch" is a plausible explanation, however that term usually applies to small pendant/lapel watches with the crown and the bow at 6 o'clock.

    The symbol on the dial looks like a cross of Lorraine/ patriarchal cross. Not a symbol of the Red Cross.
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    Re: Help identifying watchmaker vintage 1940s

    That looks like the Imperial logo. I can't find something similar to the watch though.
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    Thanks for the help. I looked up the Cross de Lorraine and it seems, in addition to being a heraldic insignia, that it was also used by DeGaulle's forces as a symbol for Free France.

    I don't know much about military history, but would it be possible that the watch was issued for those supporting the Free France movement? As it is quite small, it's likely it was meant for a woman, so would it make sense if it was issued for nurses? Is it likely that an army (even though it's not the country's official army) would issue marked watches for their infirmary corps?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Re: Help identifying watchmaker vintage 1940s

    Yes, it's a Doctor's or Nurse's watch. Remember that watches were much smaller then, so it was no problem for someone to wear a 32mm wristwatch. Gallet & Co. also made a variant of this, in the same configuration.

    It has a large seconds display to help determine pulse rate, amongst other things.
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