Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch
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Thread: Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch

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    Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch

    I am new to this site and know very little about pocket watches. I have this Penlington pocket watch that was given to me by my grandfather many years ago. He told me it was owned by the first president of Rutgers college, but I have no documentation to back that up. Also I believe the first presdient of Rutgers was early 1800's and I am not sure how to date this watch. I can not find any hallmarks unless the mark before the "18". I would like to know some information about it. Here are some descriptions on features of this watch:
    It is 1-3/4" diameter
    Inside front cover:Stamped 335 (maybe a script "K" a few spaces before a "18"
    Front face: see pics
    Inside back cover: stamped 1 (can't make out symbol) 335
    Back: No. 336
    Detach'd Lever
    13 Jewels
    Inside back: 336
    Movement: no markings

    All Penlington watches I have seen have Josh Penlington but mine just has Penlington in a framed border
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    Re: Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek. That is a wonderful watch and a splendid heirloom. The watch is Swiss (or at least the movement is) and the case is 18K gold. The movement is of a style called "Lepine V" and was common around 1870-1890. It has a Swiss lever movemnt so it's one of the better examples of such movements (cylindre escapement movements were the lower grade at that time).

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch

    It is indeed a Swiss watch for the English market. Hartmut is as usual correct about the movement. There's been a lot of discussion over the years as to the Swiss/English watches. It would seem that some makers imported these as a cheaper alternative to their own in-house made watches. And then there are the ones that were counterfeits using the names of famous makers. Yours is too good of a quality to be a counterfeit so my guess is that it was imported by Penlington and sold by his firm. One thing to be cautious about is the "18K" case. I've found through the years that many of these cases are much lower quality gold than the hallmarks would suggest. If the watch was imported into England whole it may or may not have any other hallmarks. Some have import hallmarks which means they were actually tested, or at least one out of a batch was. Others don't. Or it may have never been in England at all. It may have been imported directly to the U.S. or somewhere else through an agent using the Penlington name. It gets pretty murky sometimes. At any rate it's a fine watch and a wonderful heirloom. Enjoy it!
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