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    Help - Lanco Ladies Writwatch Info

    I am desperately trying to find out some information about a watch that I have inherited. It has Lanco ,17 jewels Incabloc on the face which is a creamy gold colour .On the back it has Rolled Gold, 20microns, Stainless steel back on it and the number T834780 D.B.C.M. is on both straps.Any idea on value or any information really appreciated.
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    Re: Help - Lanco Ladies Writwatch Info

    Here is some information about Lanco from my colleague JohnF:

    It's hard to date ladies' watches but based on JohnF's info I would conclude your watch dates from the 1960s.
    It's rather a generic wind-up movement for that time in a gold plated case. Ladies' watches are of limited interest to collectors and generally fetch lower prices at auction or on eBay.
    We do not give actual monetary valuations in this forum. If you read our sticky notes you'll see why. However one may conclude that the value of your watch would be largely sentimental.
    Thanks for posting.

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