Help with Lewa Sport De-Luxe // Year & Maker?

Thread: Help with Lewa Sport De-Luxe // Year & Maker?

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    Help with Lewa Sport De-Luxe // Year & Maker?

    Hey guys. I just signed up. What a cool place you’ve got here. I really hope someone here can help me out.

    I am trying to gather more information for a friend regarding his Lewa Sport De-Luxe. I’ve tried a few of my regular watch oracles, but without much help. I am aware of the fact that this watch isn’t worth much and is less than desirable, but my buddy likes it and I think it looks pretty cool too.

    We hope to narrow the date of production down to at least within one decade. So far all I’ve got is 50s or 60s. Can anyone confirm the year of production or at least tell us if this is from the 50s or the 60s? If someone knows we would love to know what you base that answer on as well.

    Also, if anyone knows anything about the maker we would be really grateful.

    All the best (and all info welcomed),
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    Re: Help with Lewa Sport De-Luxe // Year & Maker?

    Welcome to Watchuseek! It is indeed a relatively cheap watch: it houses a pin lever movement and is not a real chronograph. Here is another very recent thread on such a watch:

    I can find two entries for "Lewa" in mikrolisk. In either case, it was not a company per se but rather a brand name of a company. The first entry is for Dubois Freres & Cie / Fabrique du Grenier (located in various cities: Neuchatel, Geneve, La Chaux de Fonds and Lengnau) and the second entry is for Heloisa SA in Lengnau, registered in 1955. In either case, it looks like a 1950s watch.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Hi Hartmut. Thank you so much for answering. I really appreciate that.

    All the best,

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